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It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of T D Ranga Ramanujan who passed away at his son’s house in Hyderabad on Monday 14 October, 2013

Ranga was 96 years of age and had been suffering from lung related problems for some time. Born in Tamil Nadu, Ranga was the Honorary Founder President of the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation having been heavily involved in the Commonwealth Federation from the beginning.

The first CTTF meeting that Ranga attended was at the World Championships in Munich in 1969 when a decision was taken to form the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation with the first Championships being played in Singapore in 1971. In this same year Ranga was elected a member of the CTTF Classification Committee. In 1982, when the Commonwealth Championships were held in Bombay, Ranga was made a Personal Honorary Member of the CTTF and then in the year 2000, when the Championships were held in Singapore, he was elected as Honorary Founder President.

Ranga was also a major figure in the ITTF, being a member of the President’s Advisory Council and influential in the organisation for more than 50 years He was heavily involved in the organisation of the World Championships in Mumbai in 1952 as well as in Calcutta in 1975. He was at the helm of the Table Tennis Federation of India for more than 4 decades as either their Secretary or President.

Ranga kept a strong interest in Commonwealth affairs right until his final year, doing his utmost to attend our meetings and giving us the benefit of his valued advice and guidance.

Ranga is survived by his wife and 5 children and will be sadly missed at future Commonwealth events.

Alan Ransome


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