Chairman’s New Year Message


Dear Members

I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas break, and are looking forward to the New Year.

This message gives me an opportunity to give you an update on the current events relating to the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation.

  1. A) Commonwealth World Championships 2017

Scotland are continuing to work on their bid to stage the Commonwealth Championships in 2017.  Their attempt to host the Championships in Glasgow have not been successful due to the costs.  Scotland have been in detailed discussions with Aberdeen, but without a result.  Now, they are making good progress with their capital city Edinburgh, who staged the Championships in 1979.

Scotland have invited me to visit Edinburgh on 11 January 2017 to inspect the venue and to discuss their potential bid.  The proposed dates are 6 – 11 June 2017, immediately following the World Championships in Dusseldorf.

The timelines for the bid are now very short.  For this to be reviewed by the Board, a full application needs to be received and considered by the end of January 2017.  I will keep you informed of developments.

  1. B) Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

Neither the ITTF nor ourselves have any further information about the Games in 2018 since our meeting in Kuala Lumpar, earlier this year.  However, the Commonwealth Games Federation are keeping in touch with the National Commonwealth Games Associations in every country, who in turn will liaise with the selected sports.  There will be a full update at our meeting in Dusseldorf.

  1. C) General Meeting

The will be a General Meeting of the Commonwealth Federation in Dusseldorf as part of the World Championship, as usual.

I have been in contact with the ITTF regarding this and the exact date is not known at this time.  Once we have the full ITTF meeting list, we can schedule our meetings to avoid any clashes with Continental and Committee meetings where our delegates or members are invited to attend, as far as this is possible.  If you have any matters for the agenda, or rule change propositions, please forward these to me as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to wish you, your family and all your members a very prosperous and successful 2017.

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